hkMS has partnered up with Xero to provide cloud-based accounting solutions for clients that helps facilitating seamless services and enhancing working efficiency.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software widely accepted worldwide as a smart and secure solutions for accounting and bookkeeping.

One of the most significant advancement of this accounting tool is automation, which replaces manual of document transfer, data input and matchings. Xero is connected with some major banks (DBS, HSBC and Hang Seng bank in Hong Kong) allowing transaction data to be imported directly from the banks to Xero.

Another advantage of cloud-based services is its ability to provide a convenient and secured platform regardless of location. This is especially important in current situation of lockdown and the trend of remote working model. Daily accounting practice of the company can still run smoothly via Xero, no matter your staff works at office or at home, with or without local office in the region.

In addition, its accounting ability and integration with various apps such as AI, OCR, online payment platforms, POS and CRM systems, makes Xero a powerful turn-key solution in accounting as well as a value added tool for business growth.

We believe cloud-based accounting is the future of accounting services. It increases the efficiency and speeding up the turn-around of accountancy services. Its mobility and visibility are key benefits that the management and accountants are looking forward to.



Please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance on cloud-based accounting services.